Greetings of joy, Peace and love from the Shrine Basilica

Very Rev Fr A.M.A. Prabakar


of Our Lady of Health, Vailankanni. As the Rector of the Shrine

Basilica, I am immensely happy to talk to you through this

wonderful media. Indeed it is a privilege to me to speak to you

over this media wherever you are. I thank God and our Blessed

Mother of Health for bringing us together.

I hope that this website would fully quench the thirst of

billions of devotees of the Mother of Vailankanni all over the

world. I also thank all the devotees of mother of vailankani for

expressing their valuable suggestion giving through this shrine

website from all the corners of the globe.

I also hope that all the devotees of the mother of

vailankanni get the information and the activities of the shrine

through this powerful media especially devotees living outside

the country.


            Through the growth of the name of the Shrine through

Medias like people. Newspaper, Books, Magazines and the film

‘Annai Vailankanni’, has been constant and never fading during

these years, the spread of the fane of Vailankanni in comparison

to the progress and power of the media has not been fully

adequate and the name of Arokia Madha has not permeated

everywhere as it should have had. Hence, considering all these

factors insufficient, the Bishop of Thanjavur Most Rev. Dr. M.

Devadass Ambrose the guardian of the Shrine Basilica, proposed

to bring out this website that can reach all the countries and all

the Hearts. We thank God and the Blessed Arokia Madha, for this

grace sown in us to conceive the idea and give birth to the

Shrine website. Now the website-Child is one year and two

months old smiling at you whenever you open

the www.vailankannishrine.net.

            Of all the benefits this Website showers on its devotees,

the Live-Telecast of the Mass in Tamil is the most wonderful gift

to the devotees. The Shrine has no Television of its own and

hence at the request of the Shrine, the Jaya plus T.V. has come

forward to streamline the live-telecast every day from 06.00

a.m. to 07.00 a.m. (IST). The Live-telecast of the Mass is a great

blessing to all especially the aged and sick and those who cannot

personally participation in the Live-Mass is in Tamil, Many non-

Tamil Speaking devotees both Christians and non-Christians as


well take part in the Mass. As the request of various devotees is

mounting day by day for live-telecast in other language also, the

Shrine will soon begin to give live-telecast of the Mass in other

languages one after the other.

            The website has all the necessary details you wish to

learn about this Shrine Basilica at Vailankanni, Nagapattinam

District, Tamilnadu the south-eastern state of India, where Mary

the Mother of Jesus (LK 1:31), gave her apparitions three times

in 16 th  and 17 th  Centuries. Vailankanni is a Holy land of Our

Blessed Mother.

            Please send your needs through the Shrine

email info@vailankannishrine.net or phone to us over 94431

63530: 04365-263423, 263530, 264890.

            All Your needs are placed in the Prayer Services every

day in the Shrine and in the Mass Services. Believe that the ever

gracious Mother will grant your wishes. There is nobody who is

left empty who has sought the bounty of the ever compassionate

Mother of Vailankanni.

            Dear devotees, you are welcome to make your pilgrimage

to the Shrine Beside taking part in the Mass and Prayer Services

in the Shrine and having fulfilled your vows if any to Our

Mother, do not forget to spare your valuable time for Prayer

before the Eucharistic Lord in the Adoration Chapel where the

adoration is done round the clock. You can very well sit and pray

for hours together in this chapel whether during day or night

and meditation.

            In View of the Shrine Basilica Golden Jubilee, One- Hour

Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament was conducted in the Main

Shrine during the Golden Jubilee year from November 2011 to

November 2012. During this Hour special prayers were

conducted for the intentions of all the people and countries of

the world. Though the Golden jubilee Year ended, the one-hour

Eucharistic Adoration is being continued now at the request of

devotees who have taken part in it and it is programmed to be

carried on every year. This Prayer Service is conducted for the

entire congregation gathered here during this one hour. The

whole congregation prays here as ‘One-Family’. Hence whenever

you visit the Shrine, Kindly make use of this wonderful

opportunity and join the praying-congregation and place all your

needs in front of the Eucharistic Lord and You will find solace in


His presence and success in your life. This hour 03.00-04.00 p.m.

was chosen to recall the death of Our Lord on the Cross on Good

Friday. Hence prayers during this hour, are very effective to

bring spiritual and temporal progress in your life and in the life

of all people of your society, nation and world. You are

requested to pray for all.

            It is an immense joy to me talk with you every month

through this media about Our Lady of Health who intercedes

unceasingly her Son Jesus Christ our Lord for good of all her


            “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying

heavy burdens, and I will give your rest” (Mt 11:28).



Always praying for you,

Fr. A. M. A. Prabakar,