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3/16/2019 12:00:00 AM

Saint Heribert
(c. 970-1021)

        Heribert was born in Worms and he was the son of Hugo, count of Worms. He was educated in the school of Worms Cathedral and at the Benedictine Gorze Abbey in Lorraine, France. He returned to Worms Cathedral to be provost and was ordained a priest in 994.

        In the same year Otto III appointed him chancellor for Italy and four years later also for Germany, a position which he held until Otto's death on 23 January 1002. Heribert was made an archbishop of Cologne on 998. Then, he also served Emperor St. Henry.

        Heribert built the monastery of Deutz, on the Rhine and performed miracles, including ending a drought. He is thus invoked for rains.

        He died in Cologne on March 16, 1021 and was buried at Deutz.

        He was already honoured as a saint during his lifetime and was canonized by Pope St. Gregory VII about 1074.