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The English Marytrs

5/4/2019 12:00:00 AM

The English Marytrs

        Today the Church celebrates English Men and Women martyred for the Catholic Faith 1535-1680 and beatified or canonised by the Holy See.

        On this day in 1535 there died at Tyburn three Carthusian monks, the first of many martyrs, Catholic and Protestant, of the English reformation. Of these martyrs, forty two have been canonised and a further two hundred and forty two declared blessed, but the number of those who died on the scaffold, perished in prison, or suffered harsh persecution for their faith in the course of a century and a half cannot now be reckoned.

        They came from every walk of life; there are among them rich and poor, married and single, women and men.

        They are remembered for the example they gave of constancy in their faith, and courage in the face of persecution.