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8/19/2019 12:00:00 AM


        John was born in the year 1601, of religious and distinguished parents, at a village commonly known as Ri in the diocese of Seez in France.

        While still a boy, after being refreshed with the Bread of Angels, he made a vow of perpetual chastity.  At school,where he was very proficient in his studies, he was conspicuous for his remarkable piety. He had the greastest love for the Blessed Virgin,and burned with a marvelous love for his neighbor.

        He enrolled himself in the Congregation of the Oratory (founded by Cardinal) de Berullé and was ordained a priest at Paris. He was made rector of the Oratorian house at Caen, but later regretfully withdrew from the  congregation so that he might educate suitable young men for the ministry of the Church.

        Accordingly, with five associates, he founded a congregation of priests and gave it the most holy names of Jesus and Mary. He opened the first seminary at Caen, and it was followed afterwards by many others elsewhere. That he might recall women of immoral life to the Christian life, he founded the Institute of Our Lady of Charity, of which most noble tree, the Congregation of the Good Shepherd of Angers is a branch.

        Among his other works of charity is the Society of the Admirable Heart of the Mother of God. Burning with singular love towards the most holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, by divine inspiration, he was the first to promote their liturgical worship. As an apostolic missionary he preached the Gospel in many villages and cities.

        Weakened almost to death by  so many labors, on the tenth of the Nones of August, in the year 1680, he peacefully expired.