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4/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

Blessed Notker the Stammerer
Benedictine monk
(c. 840-912)

        Notker, also called Notker the Poet or Notker of Saint Gall, was a musician, author, poet, and Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Saint Gall in modern Switzerland. He was born circa 840, to a distinguished family.

        He studied with Tuotilo at Saint Gall's monastic school, taught by Iso, and Moengall. He became a monk there and is mentioned as librarian in 890 and as master of guests in 892-4. He was chiefly active as a teacher, and displayed refinement of taste as poet and author.

        Ekkehard IV, the biographer of the monks of Saint Gall, lauds him as "delicate of body but not of mind, stuttering of tongue but not of intellect, pushing boldly forward in things Divine, a vessel of the Holy Spirit without equal in his time".

        He died in 912. He was beatified in 1512.