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8/31/2020 12:00:00 AM


        St. Raymund Nonnatus was born in Catalonia in 1204. He was descended of a gentleman's family of small fortune. In his childhood, he seemed to find pleasure only in his devotions and serious duties. His father, perceiving in him an inclination to a religious state, took him from school, and sent him to take care of a farm which he had in the country. Raymund readily obeyed, and, in order to enjoy the opportunity of holy solitude, kept the sheep himself, and spent his time in the mountains and forests in holy meditation and prayer.

        Some time after, Ray joined the new Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the redemption of captives, and was admitted to his profession at Barcelona by the holy founder, St. Peter Nolasco. Within 2 or 3 years after his profession, he was sent into Barbary with a considerable sum of money, where he purchased, at Algiers, the liberty of a great number of slaves. When all this treasure was exhausted, he gave himself up as a hostage for the ransom of certain others. This magnanimous sacrifice served only to exasperate the Mohammedans, who treated him barbarously. Ray almost died in their hands, but they stopped short because he was worth money as a slave.

        When Ray was finally permitted to walk on the streets, he stole minutes to comfort and encourage Christians who were in chains, enslaved by the Mohammedans. However, once Ray converted and baptized Muslims, he was sentenced to death by impalement by the Gorvernor. Instead, although the sentence was commuted, Ray instead underwent a cruel bastinado, to break his spirit.

        A victim of vruel torture, Ray was unyeildng. Physically racked with broken flesh amd horrible pain, Ray summoned the courage to continue exhorting Christian captives and converting Muslims. The governor, livid with rage, ordered Ray to be tortured and manacled until his ransom was paid. This brutality continued until Ray's Order bought his freedom.

        After returning to Spain, Ray was appointed cardinal by Pope Gregory IX. When the Pope summoned him to Rome, Ray obeyed, but got no further than Cardona. There, he was seized by a fever and passed away. He went to his rest on August 31, 1240 at the age of thirty-seven.