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9/22/2020 12:00:00 AM

(c. 287)

        The Theban legion numbered more than six thousand men. They marched from the East into Gaul, and proved their loyalty at once to their Emperor and to their God. They were encamped near the Lake of Geneva, under the Emperor Maximian, when they were ordered to butcher the Christian population. They refused, and as punishment, were decimated. 
         St. Maurice, the chief captain in this legion of martyrs, encouraged the rest to persevere and follow their comrades to heaven. "Know, O Emperor," he said, "that we are your soldiers, but we are servants also of the true God. In all things lawful we will most readily obey, but we cannot stain our hands in this innocent blood. We have seen our comrades slain, and we rejoice at their honor. We have arms, but we resist not, for we had rather die without shame than live by sin."

        While the massacre dragged on, the Theban martyrs generously flung down their arms, and offered their necks to the sword. They live and reign forever with Jesus Christ.