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10/13/2020 12:00:00 AM

 St. Edward became king of England at the age of forty after twenty-seven years in exile. On the throne, the virtues of his earlier years shone with new brightness: simplicity, gentleness, humility, and purity.

        Using the proper means, St. Edward maintained his chastity in the wedded state. Material wealth paled to him in comparison with the worth of a soul. When he saw a servant robbing his treasury, he let his servant escape, saying the fellow needed the gold more. He would stand at his palace-gate to speak with beggars and lepers. He also healed diseases; many spiritual.

        In years prior, long wars had dragged down the economy, but St. Edward's laws and prudence helped enshrine changes that improved institutions. During his twenty-four-year reign, there was peace, prosperity and social equality. 

        Westminster Abbey is his most renowned work. He passed away on January 5, 1066.