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SAINT QUINTIN Martyr (3rd century)

10/31/2020 12:00:00 AM

(3rd century)

        St. Quintin was a Roman from a senatorial family. Full of zeal for the kingdom of God, St. Quintin went to Gaul with St. Lucian of Beauvais. They preached the Faith together until reaching Amiens in Picardy, where they parted. Lucian went to Beauvais, where he sowed the seeds of divine faith in the hearts of many, and received the martyr's crown.

        St. Quintin lived in Amiens and preached Jesus Christ crucified. His good actions scandalized some bad people. His enemeies condenmned him before local authorities, who imprisoned and torturned him. His body was pierced with two iron wires from the neck to the thighs, and iron nails were thrust under his nails and in his flesh in many places, particularly into his skull. Lastly, St. Quintin's head was cut off.

        St. Quintin was martyred and joined the Church triumphant on October 31, 287. He reigns with Christ alongside St. Lucian and the Saints.