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12/5/2020 12:00:00 AM


        St. Sabas, one of the most renowned patriarchs of the monks of Palestine, was born in the year 439 near Cæsarea. In order to settle a dispute between some of his relatives about the administration of his estate, he forsook the world and entered a monastery, wherein he became a model of fervor.

        After ten years in this monastery, Sabas, being eighteen years old, went to Jerusalem to visit the holy places. There, he attached himself to a monastery under the leadership of St. Euthymius. On the death of the holy abbot, our Saint sought the wilderness, and dwelt in a cave on top of a high mountain, at the bottom of which ran the brook Cedron.

        After living there for five years, several came to him, desiring to serve God under his direction. He was at first unwilling, but finally consented. He founded a new monastery of persons desirous to devote themselves to praising and serving God without interruption.

        His great sanctity becoming known, Sabas was ordained priest at the age of fifty-three by the patriarch of Jerusalem, and made Superior-General of all the anchorites of Palestine.