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Tuesday, October 4, 2016 12:43 PM


Month of October:

Month of Gratitude and Celebrations

I Thanks’ to all the Devotees of Arokiya Madha, who came and participates from far and wide, and also for the Co-operation and Collaboration rendered for the Success of the Annual Feast 2016

Greetings of joy, Peace and love from the Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Health, Vailankanni. As the Rector of the Shrine Basilica, I am immensely happy to talk to you through this wonderful media. Indeed it is a privilege to me to speak to you over this media wherever you are. I thank God and our Blessed Mother of Health for bringing us together.

I hope that this website would try to quench the thirst of billions of devotees of the Mother of Vailankanni all over the world. I also thank all the devotees for expressing their valuable suggestion giving through this shrine website from all the corners of the globe.

I also hope that all the devotees of the mother of Vailankanni get the information and the activities of the shrine through this powerful media especially devotees living outside the country.

October is a special month for all the catholics, all over the world. We love and venerate our beloved mother in some special occasions like the feast of Lourdes, Fatima and Vailankanni etc. These kind of venerations and devotions are based on the place and circumstances. But reciting the Holy Rosary, we love and venerate Mother Mary not for one day or a week rather throughout our lives. Holy rosary is a simple prayer and very easy to recite for all the people. Therefore, I am very happy to focus on the importance of the Holy Rosary.

Reciting the Holy Rosary is an age old practice. And it has a long tradition in the development.  The practice of reciting rosary came into existence due to the monks who were not able read the psalms in the beginning, therefore, they were asked to recite 150 times  the prayer,” Hail Mary full of Grace… fruit of thy womb Jesus”. They also used the beads to count 150 times. Later Mother Mary appeared and asked the people to recite the Holy Rosary in order to overcome heresies and the schisms.  

While reciting the Holy Rosary, we do not meditate of Mother Mary, but on the life of Jesus and His life through Mother Mary. If we reflect over the Four Mysteries i.e Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous, we meditate on the birth, passion, death and resurrection and the glorious life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, Rosary is not only an important instrument to reflect but also a powerful instrument to overcome our personal evils facing in day today life. In short, reciting rosary is like meditating over the New Testament as said by previous pope Benedict VI.

Mother Mary has repeatedly and warmly recommended the praying of the Rosary. When she appeared to St. Bernadette at Lourdes in 1858, she was holding a large Rosary and moving its beads with her fingers. In 1917 at Fatima she appeared to three shepherd children- Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta- and asked them to pray the Rosary. To Lucy she said, “I am the lady of the Rosary. Continue to say the Rosary every day.

Saints were devoted to the Holy Rosary. St. Dominic promoted it very zealously. St. Louis de Montfort assures us that anyone who prays the Rosary every day will never be led astray and adds that he would gladly sign this statement with his own blood. Such was the confidence the saints had in the Holy Rosary.

All the popes of the Catholic Church, not only recite the Holy Rosary but also insisted the faithful to recite it every day.  St. John Paul says,” I tell you a simple secret, Pray and recite every day the Holy Rosary. Again he insists,” the family is beautiful which recites the Holy Rosary”. Pope Pious IX says,” Give me an army reciting the Holy Rosary and I will overcome the world”. Pope Benedict XIV says, “The Holy Rosary is the meditation over the new Testament.”

Dear devotees! I am very happy to share the experience of the pilgrims coming to Velankanni, by walk from different parts of Tamil Nadu. Some walk for 100 kilometer, some 200 and still some walk for more than 300 kilometers. While walking, they experience lot of pain and difficulties, yet, they reach the Shrine with happiness and peace in their hearts. They say, “The main reason for the success of their journey is, reciting the rosary and singing the marian devotional songs on the way, give us physical strength and power of courage to walk.

I welcome all the devotees of Arokiamatha. Some of you come with groups like Legion of Mary, Vincent de Paul Society, and other Pious Associations. Some of you come with families and relatives. Some with their friends and colleagues. During their pilgrimage,Many devotees are interested reciting rosary in their own languages at the main altar of our Lady of Vailankanni, Some others recite it at the holy path leading to our Lady’s tank, some others recite it at Our Lady Tank and Nadu Thittu. I feel much delighted that the pilgrimage that you take to the Shrine of Vailankanni will be successful with recitation of Holy Rosary. You are also welcome to Participate in Candle Light Procession and recite the Holy Rosary.

October, being the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, we have made special arrangements for the devotees to participate in the Holy Rosary. The legion of Mary members of Vailankanni parish lead continuous Rosary with the help of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate Congregation every day from 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM at Our Lady’s tank in the presence of the Holy eucharist, and in the main Shrine, The Anbiyam members lead the Rosary from 7.45 PM to 8.45 PM every day and it ends with the Eucharistic Lord Blessing. Therefore, I request all the devotees to make use of the opportunity in a fruitful manner. I also request you all to recite the Holy Rosary not only in the Shrine but also at your homes with your family members to obtain the Blessings and graces promised by Our Blessed Mother.

Once again I thank all the devotees for their valuable support and concern for the development of the Shrine. I also assure you all that we remember you in our daily prayers.

O Mother of God! Pray for us.