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For your offering to be realized instantly through postal channel you may send your money through : Money Gram or Western Union or I.M.T. or E.M.O. (Whatever is available in your place).

By Cheque / Draft

Your Cheque / draft is to be send marked with 'Payee's Account only'. We bank with IOB. Drafts / Cheque of bank, are negotiale with our bank.

Offering to be Sent in Favour of:

Through postal or through cheque / draft, all should be drawn in favour of 'The Rector, Shrine Basilica, vailankanni - 611 111, Nagapattinam Dt., Tamil nadu, India' and forward it to the same address.

Indise India:

For transfering your offering, donation from your bank inside india to the Shrine Basilica, you may send it through the system of RTGS to IOB, Vailankanni using the bank code : IOBA0000244, SB A/C No.024401000000001

From Abroad

For sending amount from any foreign bank to vailankanni Shrine: This system is called 'Swift Code' the amount is to be sent in favour of 'Shrine Basilica, Vailankanni' A/c No. 024401000000001 IOB AINBB044


Other than your offering bank to Vailankanni Shrine, if you wish to send your donations for charitable or education purposes and obtain tax-exemption, please specify in your letter the purpose of your offering. These donation will be deposited in the 80-G account of the Arokia Madha Educational and Charitable trust.
Free Meal at Vailankanni Shrine for the Faithful

A Long awaited dream

Dear Pilgrims !  Greetings and prayerful wishes to you all. Millions of thanks to all the devotees of Arokia Madha for your love and concern towards the development of the world famous Marian Shrine of Vailankanni, Nagapattinam, Tamil nadu, India.  The three historical apparitions of Arokia Madha namely, Apparition to the Shepherd Boy, Butter milk vendor and to the Portuguese Sailors at the sea draw the attention of the faithful throughout the world, resulting in a steady increase in the number devotees at this Holy Shrine day by day.

It was a long cherished dream of Our Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. M. Devadass Ambrose D. D., L. S. S.,  S. T. D. and our former rector Rev. Fr. A. Michael and the fathers of the Shrine and of Thanjavur diocese and the devotees of Arogya Matha to start free meal scheme at this world famous Marian pilgrim centre. At this juncture I would like to thank all the devotees who helped us to start this project by way of suggestions and supporting by your valuable contributions.

Separate place and building:

A new building was blessed and dedicated to St Teresa of Calcutta on 10th September, in remembrance that She got the inspiration of “ A call within the call.“ After the inauguration of the building, we have started the project,  the very next week and more than 600 devotees were served lunch by the free meal scheme. At this juncture, I would like to thank Our Bishop for his willingness and generosity to bring this long awaited dream into a reality. I also thank all the fathers of the diocese for their wholehearted support. It was through the effective intervention of our former Rector Very.Rev. Fr. A. Michael, that after relocating the out-station bus terminus of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation to St. Mary’s Parking where all the necessary facilities were provided for the department, took initiatives to clear the ground for the proposed place for Free meal (Anna dhanam) and was subsequently was named Annai Teresa ground.  Two year back, it was proposed to put up a building for which the bishop willingly granted permission for the purpose of free meal service.  We faced lot of  disturbances and obstacles which we overcame by the prayers of the devotees and generous support of the good hearted people.  

Since the canonization of St Teresa of Kolkata was on 4th september, a date falling within the Novena days of our annual feast, our Bishop wanted to keep  another appropriate date to bless and dedicate the building for Anna daanam to St Teresa of Kolkata.  He wanted also to honour all those who worked for its realisation, like Shrine staff, engineers, government officials, local Chairman and his team etc.

An Appeal to the Devotees:

For the past two months, The free food scheme started in the Holy Shrine of Vailankanni of Arokia Madha has been running successfully with the blessing of our Blessed Mother and the prayers of the Devotees.  Many people volunteer themselves to support this noble cause.  Therefore, I make an appeal to the faithful and devotees of Arokia Madha to sponsor the scheme and also introduce your near and dear ones to be part of ‘giving food to the hungry’

Sponsoring a Meal:

All the faithful and the devotees can volunteer in this program of free food service. Since it is difficult to sponsor individually, we have opened a separate account for this purpose. Those who wish to provide meal can contribute the money in the shrine offering place. Any special event in your personal life or in the family is a suitable occasion to provide a free meal for the hungry, such as:

- Marriage anniversary.

- Silver/Golden Jubilee.

- Getting job.

- Going abroad.

- Success in business.

- Fulfilled intentions.

- Thanksgiving.

- Vow for feeding the poor.  

- And anyone who has good heart to sponsor a minimum for ten meal.

Bank Details

Thank very much for your valuable contribution for the benefit of the devotees. We always remember you all in our prayers.

A/c No. Inside India: 024401000000001; IFSC Code IOBA0000244.

            From Abroad: 024401000000001 IOB AINBB001

Very. Rev. Fr. A.M.A. Prabakar,


Shrine Renovation continuous…

Dear Devotees of our Lady of Health, Vailankanni
Greetings and prayerful wishes to all the Devotees of Arokia Madha. May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus and the Peace and Joy be with you through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Health, Vailankanni. I am much delighted to see the initiatives to renovate the renowned Shrine of Vailankanni. I also find that the Devotees show their belongingness in the process of renovation saying that it is our Shrine. Millions of thanks to all the Devotees for being part of the renovation of the Shrine, which is nearing its completion, through your valuable prayers and generous contributions.
Next in line for renovation is the Extension Basilica, the two-storied section of the Shrine, where we have regular Masses in various languages and special Masses for the group of pilgrims. In the Lower Basilica, apart from the regular Masses in Tamil, English and Konkani, we have Masses for special occasions and Healing Services on First Saturdays. Upper Basilica is used for Regular Masses in Telugu and Hindi and Masses for various pilgrim groups in their own language and Rites. Thus these churches are used continuously by ever increasing number of pilgrims from morning till evening.
It was built by late Rev. Fr Maria Susai and after 3 years of construction the Lower Basilica was opened and Blessed on 28th August, 1974 and the Upper Basilica on the same date of August 1975 by the late Bishop. Most. Rev. Dr. R. A. Sundaram.
All these were possible only by the blessings of the Lord Jesus and the generous support of the huge number of the Devotees. Your continued support would be much appreciated and valued. Kindly make yourself as partner of this project.
Since, more than 40 years have passed after its construction, a team of experts under the guidance of our Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. M. Devadass Ambrose, studied the condition of the church and suggested that it also needs to be renovated. In the history of the development of the Shrine, many things were possible only by the support of the generous devotees, such as, the construction of the Morning Star (Mega)Church, Renovation of the Main Basilica and the live telecasting of the Holy Mass over Jaya plus Television, etc. Your Contribution may kindly be sent by draft/cheque drawn in favour of ‘Shrine Renovation-Vailankanni. to the following address. An official receipt will be sent to you immediately. May God Bless you and your family.
Nagapattinam (Dt), TamilNadu. India.
Once again I thank all the Devotees of Arokia Madha for your concern towards the development of the Shrine. I also promise you that all your prayers and petitions will be remembered during the hour of adoration from 3:00 pm every day The account details: A/c No. Inside India: 024401000000001; IFSC Code IOBA0000244. From Abroad: 024401000000001 IOB AINBB001 Very Rev. Fr. A. M. A. Prabakar,
Shrine Basilica, Vailankanni-6011 111

  • 80-G

    Other than your offering to the shrine, if you wish to send your donations for charitable or educational purposes and obtain tax-exemption, please specify in your letter the purpose of your offering. These donations will be deposited in the 80-G account of the Arikia Madha educational and Charitable Trust’.

    The shrine Pan No. AABTA 4705F

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