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11/27/2019 12:00:00 AM

(† 460)

        St. Maximus, abbot of Lerins, in succession to St. Honoratus, was remarkable not only for the spirit of recollection, fervor, and piety familiar to him from very childhood, but still more for the gentleness and kindliness with which he governed the monastery which at that time contained many religious, and was famous for the learning and piety of its brethren.

        Exhibiting in his own person an example of the most sterling virtues, his exhortations could not fail to prove all-persuasive: loving all his religious, whom it was his delight to consider as one family, he established amongst them that sweet concord, union, and holy emulation for well-doing which render the exercise of authority needless, and makes submission a pleasure.

        The clergy and people of Frejus, moved by such a shining example, elected Maximus for their bishop, but he took to flight; subsequently he was compelled, however, to accept the see of Riez, where he practiced virtue in all gentleness, and died in 460, regretted as the best of fathers.


Saint Virgil
(c. 8th century - 784)

        St. Virgil, bishop of Salzburg in Austria and apostle of Carinthia, was placed among the number of saints by Pope Gregory IX.