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St. Hormisdas POPE († 523) Celebrated August 6

8/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

(† 523)

        St. Hormisdas was bishop of Rome after Symmachus from July 26th, 514, to August 6th, 523, Anastasius and Justin being successively emperors of the East and Theodoric ruling the West as king of Italy. Hormisdas was a native of Frusino in Campania. Pope Silverius is said to have been his son.

      The memorable event of his pontificate was the restoration of communion between Rome and Constantinople, which had been interrupted since 484, in connexion with the Eutychian heresy.

        Hormisdas died early in 523, having held the see 9 years and 11 days. He, as well as all the popes during the schism with the East, except the too conciliatory Anastasius, has had his firmness acknowledged by canonization, his day in the Roman Calendar being August 6th. His extant writings consist of letters.

        Hormisdas had great administrative and diplomatic abilities, was singularly uncompromising and firm of purpose, and one of the most strenuous and successful assertors of the supremacy of the Roman see.