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11/7/2020 12:00:00 AM


        St. Willibrord was born in Northumberland in 657. At twenty years old, he went to Ireland to study under St. Egbert. Twelve years later, he set out to convert the pagan tribes of northern Europe.

        St. Willibrord went to Rome for the blessing of the Pope, and with eleven companions reached Utrecht. The pagans would not accept the religion of their enemies, the Franks; and St. Willibrord could only labor in the track of Pepin Heristal, converting the tribes whom Pepin subjugated.

        At Pepin's urgent request, St. Willibrord again went to Rome, and was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht. As bishop for more than fifty years, St. Willibrord built churches, ordained priests, wrought miracles, and prophesied. His faith was radical as it broke the emptiness: Caritas filled the rational void in pagan rituals and worship. 

        St. Willibrord was stately in person, frank and joyous, wise in counsel and an unwearied shepherd. By converting the tribes under Frankish dominion, St. Willibrord sowed the seeds of egalitarianism and Western civilization.