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SAINT JAMES OF THE MARCHES OF ANCONA Franciscan Priest (1394-1476)

11/28/2020 12:00:00 AM

Franciscan Priest

        St. James was born in the small town of Montbrandon, in the Marches of Ancona. While a boy, he was sent to the University of Perugia, where his progress in learning soon qualified him as preceptor. Fearing he might be engulfed in the whirlpools of materialism and hedonism, St. James used the proper means receive graces and reject evils.

        When travelling near Assisium, St. James went into the great Church of the Portiuncula to pray. After apprehending the spirit of fervor of St. Francis of Assisi's brothers, St. James petitioned for the Order. He prayed, fasted and kept Holy Vigil. Forty years without missing the Sacraments grew him into a man transcendent of natural limitation.   

        As a penniless Franciscan, St. James was unable to bear the luxuries afforded the Archbishop of Milan. He could not be prevailed upon to accept the office. He wrought several miracles at Venice and at other places, and raised from dangerous sicknesses the Duke of Calabria and the King of Naples.

        St. James died in the convent of the Holy Trinity of his Order, near Naples, on the 28th of November, 1476, being ninety years old, spending seventy in a religious state.