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11/5/2020 12:00:00 AM

(7th century)

        St. Bertilla was born to one an illustrious family in the territory of Soissons, France during the reign of Dagobert I. As she grew up, St. Bertilla learned to despise the vanities of the world. She longing for the consecrated life, but did not dare to tell her parents. First, she consulted St. Ouen, who encouraged her resolution.

        When St. Bertilla announced her desire to profess vows to her parents, they did not oppose her. They helped her move to Jouarre, a great monastery in Brie, four leagues from Meaux, where she was received with great joy and trained up in the strictest practice of monastic perfection.

        By her perfect submission to all her sisters, she seemed every one's servant, and acquitted herself with such great charity that she was chosen prioress to assist the abbess in her administration.

        About the year 646, St. Bertilla was appointed as the first abbess of the abbey of Chelles. She administered the abbey with equal vigor and discretion for forty-six years. She passed away in peace, a servant to the last; only to herself be waited upon by the Master in heaven.