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SAINT EUSEBIUS Bishop († c. 371)

12/16/2020 12:00:00 AM

(† c. 371)

        St. Eusebius was born to a noble family on the island of Sardinia, where his father is said to have died in prison for the Faith. Afterward, the Saint's mother brought him and his sister, while still infants, to Rome. Once Eusebius was ordained, he served the Church of Vercelli with such zeal that he was chosen unanimously, by clergy and people, to fill the episcopal chair once it became vacant.

        Bishop Eusebius saw that the best and first means to labor effectually for the edification and sanctification of his people was to have a zealous clergy. He was at the same time very careful to instruct his flock, and inspire them with the maxims of the Gospel. The force of the truth which he preached, together with his example, brought many sinners to a change of life.

        He courageously fought against the heretics, who had him banished to Scythopolis, and thence to Upper Thebais in Egypt, where he suffered so grievously as to win, in some of the panegyrics, the title of martyr.

        He died in the latter part of 371 AD.