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11/29/2020 12:00:00 AM

Bishop and Martyr
(† 250)

        St. Saturninus preached the Faith in Gaul about the year 245 by direction of Pope Fabian. He established an episcopal see at Toulouse and became the first Christian bishop of that city. Although few Christians live there, their numbers swelled rapidly after his arrival. In retaliation, the devil, who received pagan worship (as a spirit claiming dominion and self-sufficiency over God) incited the hardened of heart to kill the Saint.

        One day, when Bishop Saturninus was passing by a pagan temple on his way to church, a crowd detained him; and forced him to sacrifice a bull. Saturninus only offered praise to Jesus Christ, the One True God. At this, then lynch mob fastened him to a bull, which was then driven down the capitol.

       St. Saturninus' destroyed body was dignified and buried by two devout women. The seeds of civilization were sown with the scattering of his blood and the sacrifice of his life.