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(† 2nd century)

        St. Eustachius, called "Placidus" before his conversion, was a distinguished officer of the Roman army under the Emperor Trajan. One day, while hunting a deer, he suddenly saw between its horns the image of our crucified Saviour. Responsive to what he considered a voice from heaven, he became a Christian right away. The Lord grants different charisms to different individuals.

        Although being a Christian meant facing a horrible, inevitable death, Eustachius was rapt in the Love which never leaves him. Despite losing his possessions, his rank, and having his wife and children taken away, he remained steadfast.

        Reduced to abject poverty, Eustachius became the servant of a rich land-owner and tended the latter's fields. Meanwhile, the Roman population was being ravaged by barbarian hordes. In desperation, Trajan sought out Eustachius and placed him in command of troops sent to fight the enemy. During the campaign, Eustachius found his wife and children.

        Triumphant in battle, Eustachius returned home decorated with honors. However, Trajan demanded Eustachius offer pagan sacrifice, which he refused. In retaliation, Trajan threw Eustachius, with his wife and children, to 2 starving lions. Instead of harming them, the lions frisked and frolicked around them. Without conscience, Trajan then ordered the family to be burnt to death inside a bronze bull.

        Eustachius and his family were martyred for simply living their faith as Christians. They reign with Christ and intercede for us through the Holy Spirit.