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SAINT WILFRID Bishop (c. 634-709)

11/10/2020 12:00:00 AM

(c. 634-709)

        St. Wilfrid was "a quick walker, expert at all good works, with never a sour face." His legacy is securing the ecclesiastical bonds of England and Rome.

        St. Wilfrid was born about 634 A.D. and trained by Celtic monks at Lindisfarne in the rites and usages of the British Church. As a boy, Wilfrid longed for perfect conformity with the Holy See, and at first chance set off for Rome. On his return, St. Wilfrid founded a monastery at Ripon under the rule of St. Benedict.

        In 664 A.D., St. Wilfrid was elected Bishop of Lindisfarne, and five years later transferred to the see of York. He had to combat the passions of wicked kings, the cowardice of worldly prelates, and the errors of holy men. He was twice exiled and once imprisoned; yet he persevered. He emerged "from the dark and desolate valley to the sunlit path of justice."

        He was a reformist in the sense of correcting iniquities within his Order. He also reformed the Church system which was nationalistic rather than Universal. He was called by Christ to his eternal reward on October 12, 709.