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SAINT SCHOLASTICA Abbess (+ c. 543)

2/10/2021 12:00:00 AM

(+ c. 543)

        Of this Saint but little is known on earth, save that she was the sister of the great patriarch St. Benedict, and that, under his direction, she founded and governed a numerous community near Monte Casino.

        St. Gregory sums up her life by saying that she devoted herself to God from her childhood, and that her pure soul went to God in the likeness of a dove, as if to show that her life had been enriched with the fullest gifts of the Holy Spirit.

        Her brother was accustomed to visit her every year, for "she could not be sated or wearied with the words of grace which flowed from his lips." On his last visit, after a day passed in spiritual converse, the Saint, knowing that her end was near, said, "My brother, leave me not, I pray you, this night, but discourse with me till dawn on the bliss of those who see God in heaven." St. Benedict would not break his rule at the bidding of natural affection; and then the Saint bowed her head on her hands and prayed; and there arose a storm so violent that St. Benedict could not return to his monastery, and they passed the night in heavenly conversation.

        Three days later, St. Benedict saw in a vision the soul of his sister going up in the likeness of a dove into heaven. Then he gave thanks to God for the graces St. Scholastica received, and for the glory which had crowned them. In commemoration, St. Scholastica's spiritual daughters and St. Benedict's monks offered holy Mass.

        St. Scholastica's body was borne to Monte Casino and laid in the tomb her brother had prepared for himself. St. Benedict told the faithful, "Weep not, for Jesus has taken her before us to be our aid and defence against all our enemies." St. Scholastica intercedes for all souls in heaven, where she lives and reigns with Jesus, for ever and ever.