Thought of the day
3/26/2019 6:40:59 AM

Thought of the Day


"Should you not have had pity on your fellow servant, as I had pity on you?"

What is human mercy like? It makes you concerned for the hardship of the poor. What is divine mercy like? It forgives sinners... In this world God is cold and hungry in all the poor, as he himself said (Mt 25:40)... What sort of people are we? When God gives, we want to receive, when he asks, we refuse to give? When a poor man is hungry, Christ is in need, as he said himself: “I was hungry and you gave me no food” (v. 42). Take care not to despise the hardship of the poor, if you would hope, without fear, to have your sins forgiven... What he receives on earth he returns in heaven. I put you this question, dearly beloved: what is it you want, what is it you are looking for, when you come to church? What indeed if not mercy? Show mercy on earth, and you will receive mercy in heaven. A poor man is begging from you, and you are begging from God: he asks for a scrap, you ask for eternal life... And so when you come to church give whatever alms you can to the poor in accordance with your means.