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11/19/2019 6:23:54 AM

Thought Of the Day


Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus (1873-1897)

"Zacheus, come down; today I must lodge at your house"

Celine, what a mystery is our grandeur in Jesus. This is all that Jesus has shown us in making us climb the symbolic tree about which I was just talking to you. And now what science is He about to teach us? Has He not taught us all? Let us listen to what He is saying to us: "Make haste to descend, I must lodge today at your house. Well, Jesus tells us to descend. Where, then, must we descend? Celine you know better than I, however, let me tell you where we must now follow Jesus. In days gone by, the Jews asked our divine Savior: "Master, where do you live?" And He answered: "The foxes have their lairs, the birds of heaven their nests, but I have no place to rest my head." This is where we must descend in order that we may serve as an abode for Jesus. To be so poor that we do not have a place to rest our head. This is, dear Celine, what Jesus has done in my soul during my retreat. You understand, there is question here of the interior. (…)


What Jesus desires is that we receive Him into our hearts. No doubt, they are already empty of creatures, but, alas, I feel mine is not entirely empty of myself, and it is for this reason that Jesus tells me to descend. He, the King of kings, humbled Himself in such a way that His face was hidden, and no one recognized Him, and I, too, want to hide my face, I want my Beloved alone to see it, that He be the only one to count my tears, that in my heart at least He may rest His dear head and feel that there He is known and understood!