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10/26/2020 6:02:08 AM

Delivered from the bonds of sin by the cross of Christ


Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (313-350)

Bishop of Jerusalem, Doctor of the Church

Baptismal catechesis, no. 13

Delivered from the bonds of sin by the cross of Christ

Saint Paul said: “May I never boast save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Gal 6:14). There was something astonishing about the man born blind regaining his sight at Siloam, but what difference does that make to all the blind people in the world? Lazarus's resurrection after four days in death was a great event that exceeded the laws of nature, but this grace profited no one but him, it was of no advantage to all those in the world who died because of their sins. It was an amazing thing to cause food to spring forth with which to feed five thousand men with five loaves, but it made no difference to those throughout the world who were undergoing the hunger of ignorance. It was an astonishing thing to release a woman whom Satan had held in bondage for eighteen years, but what is that where we are all concerned, bound by the chains of our sins? The victory of the cross, however, brought into the light all those whom ignorance had made blind, set free those whom sin had made captive, and redeemed all humankind. Don't wonder that the whole world should have been redeemed. He who died for this was not just a man but the only Son of God. Adam's fault had brought death to the whole world; if one man's fall had caused death to reign over all, how much more will not the righteousness of one man cause life to reign? (Rm 5:17). If, in former times, our first parents were cast out of paradise through eating the fruit of the tree, will not those who believe enter Paradise with far greater ease through the cross of Jesus? If the first man, formed of the earth, brought death to all, will not he who formed him of earth bring him life eternal, since he is himself life? (Jn 14:6).