Thought of the day
5/22/2019 6:56:20 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Remain in me"

As I hear of the fame of your holy conduct and irreproachable life, which is known not only to me but to the entire world as well, "I greatly rejoice in the Lord" (Hab 3:18). I am not alone in rejoicing at such great news, but I am joined by all who serve and seek to serve Jesus Christ. For, though you, more than others, could have enjoyed the magnificence and honor and dignity of the world, and could have been married to the illustrious emperor with splendor befitting you and his Excellency, you have rejected all these things and have chosen with your whole heart and soul a life of poverty and destitution. Thus you took a spouse of more noble lineage, who will keep your virginity ever unspotted and unsullied, the Lord Jesus Christ. When you have loved Him, you shall be chaste; when you have touched Him, you shall become pure; when you have accepted Him, you shall be a virgin. His power surpasses any other, His lineage is the most gentle imaginable, His grace the most perfect. From now on you are vowed to his embrace, to Him who has adorned your breast with precious jewels and placed priceless diamonds on your ears. He has surrounded you with sparkling gems as though they were blossoms of springtime and placed a golden crown on your head as a sign to all of your holiness.