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10/8/2020 6:05:27 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Thou shalt send forth thy Spirit and they shall be created" (Ps 103[104]:30 LXX)

In one place it is said that the Father "will give good things to those that ask him" (Mt 7:11), elsewhere, that he will "give the Holy Spirit to those that ask him" (Lk 11:13). From this we learn that those who pray to God with steadfast faith in these promises receive not only remission of sins but also heavenly gifts of grace. The Lord promised these "good things" not to the righteous but to sinners, saying: "If you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those that ask him?" (Lk 11:13). Ask then, unremittingly and without doubting, however poor your efforts to gain holiness, however weak your strength, you will receive great gifts, far beyond anything that you deserve. (…) Struggle to preserve unimpaired the light that shines within your intellect. If passion begins to dominate you when you look at things, this means that the Lord has left you in darkness; he has dropped the reins with which he was guiding you (cf. Jb 30:11) and the light of your eyes is gone from you (cf. Ps 37[38]:10 LXX). Yet even if this happens, do not despair or give up but pray to God with the words of David: "O send out thy light and thy truth" to me in my gloom, "for thou art the salvation of my countenance and my God" (cf. Ps 42[43]:3, 5 LXX). For "thou shalt send forth thy Spirit and they shall be created; and thou shalt renew the face of the earth" (Cf. Ps 103[104]:30 LXX).