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4/6/2020 6:17:57 AM

Thought Of the Day


Offering hospitality to the Lord

Recalling the condescension of our Lord who, it is said, went to Bethany to the house of Mary and Martha at the close of that day (cf. Mk 11:11), Gertrude was enflamed with a longing to show hospitality to the Lord. So she went up to an image of the Crucified and, reverently kissing the wound in his most holy side, she made the desire of the most loving Heart of the Son of God to penetrate her completely and entreated it, thanks to the strength of all the prayers that might ever rise from this infinitely gentle Heart, to be pleased to descend into the insignificant and very unworthy inn of her heart. In his kindness, the Lord, who is always close to those who call on him (cf. Ps 144(145):18), made her feel his longed for presence and said to her with sweet tenderness: "See, I am here! What is it you going to offer me?" And she in return: "Welcome to the one who is my only health and all my good; what shall I say my only one?" And she added: "Alas, Lord, in my unworthiness I have not prepared anything suited to your divine magnificence, but I offer my whole being to your goodness. Full of desires, I beg that you yourself be pleased to prepare within me whatever may be most pleasing to your divine goodness." The Lord said to her: "If you allow me to have this liberty within you, give me the key that will allow me to take away and return without difficulty all that may please me, as much for my wellbeing as for my delight." At which she added: "And what is that key?" The Lord's answer was: "Your own will." These words made her understand that if someone wishes to receive the Lord as a guest they must hand over the key of their own will to him, surrendering completely to his perfect good pleasure and placing absolute confidence in his sweet goodness to work for their salvation in everything. Then the Lord will enter into that heart and that soul to fulfil everything that his divine pleasure may demand.