Thought of the day
7/22/2020 6:06:04 AM

Thought Of the Day


O God of my heart and my portion forever!

Often say to God: "O my Lord, why do you love me so much? What good do you see in me?" Have you forgotten what sins I have committed against you? Ah! ever since you treated me with so much love, instead of sending me to hell you have loaded me with graces. So to whom should I now bear my love if not to you, O Goodness who are my good and all my good? My God, most loveable God, what saddens me the most in my past sins is not the punishments I have caused you, you who are worthy of utmost love, who cannot despise a heart that repents and humbles itself (cf. Ps 50[51]:19). Ah yes! from now on, for both this life and the next, my heart yearns only to possess you, you alone. "Whom else have I in the heavens? None besides you delights me on earth. You are the God of my heart and my portion forever" (Ps 72[73]:25-26). Yes, you are and always will be the sole Lord of my heart and my will, my only treasure, my paradise, the goal of all my hopes and affections, my all; you are, in a word, the God of my heart and my portion forever." You should affirm ever increasingly your trust in God. In order to do this, often call to mind the conduct, all the tenderness he has borne towards you, the gentle ways his mercy has used to bring you back from the paths where you were straying, detach you from earthly attachments and draw you to his holy love.