Thought of the day
7/21/2020 5:56:12 AM

Saint Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) Franciscan, martyr Conference of 21/1/1939


Sanctifying each moment

Perfection is to be found in the sanctification of our souls and of each soul. It does not take place over the years but at every moment. No moment that lies before us will ever return. If it is well lived, it can count for eternity. This is the truth. (…) Each moment is in our hands but we often forget this. We worry about what might happen, what this or that person is going to think, what difficulty we are going to have… What a shame! The most enriching thought is knowing that we only have the present moment. We live the present moment fully if we do the will of God. So that all these moments may be fully lived, Mary Immaculate must live them in our place. We give ourselves to her so that we can profit from all these moments and it may be she who thinks and acts through us. The value of the present moment does not depend on what we do or the manner in which we do it, but on the fact that we work either out of love for God or from self-love. We must be sanctified at each present moment because we are not certain whether the evening will be ours. The more perfectly we fulfil the task that is ours, the more perfectly we give glory to God – and the more perfectly we fulfil the will of Mary Immaculate. The present moment is very precious and we should often call to mind how we must be sanctified in it. When the soul wants to sanctify each moment, it begins to discover a new world, a wealth of thoughts and perfections.