Thought of the day
11/11/2020 5:33:04 AM

Thought Of the Day


Set your joy in God!

Certain souls rush to God in affliction but, should prosperity come, they forget and abandon him. This is just too much infidelity and ingratitude! Do not act like that. When you receive some kind of pleasant news, use it together with God as with a close friend who is interested in your happiness. Quick! Share your joy with him, recognize that it comes as a gift from his hand; praise him, thank him. In this joy let the better thing for you be to be to find his good pleasure in it. This is how you will set all your delight, all your consolation in God: "My heart shall rejoice in thy salvation: I will sing to the Lord who giveth me good things," (Ps 12:6 Vg). Speak to Jesus like this: "I bless you and will always bless you: you do me so many graces! And not graces but punishments are what I should deserve, I who have sinned against you so much." Again, say to him with the holy Bride: "Fruits both old and new, my lover, have I kept in store for you," (Sg 7:14).These fruits are your favors, for which I thank you; both old and new, I keep them in remembrance so as to give you glory for ever.