Thought of the day
1/7/2022 5:47:38 AM

I do will it. Be made clean


Moses depicted the type among the people of the Hebrews: when a man becomes leprous within the encampment he is driven from its midst and cast outside; while if he sloughs off his leprosy and makes supplication, the priest purifies him with hyssop, blood and water, and he returns to his former abode and enters into his inheritance. Adam had been most pure in that fair Garden, but he became leprous and repulsive because the serpent had breathed on him. The Garden cast him from its midst; all shining, it thrust him forth. The High Priest (He 9:11), the Exalted One, beheld him cast out from Himself: He stooped down and came to him, He cleansed him with hyssop (cf. Jn 19:29), and led him back to Paradise. Adam had been naked and fair, but his diligent wife labored and made for him a garment covered with stains. The Garden, seeing him thus vile, drove him forth. Through Mary Adam had another robe which adorned the thief; and when he became resplendent at Christ's promise, the Garden, looking on, embraced him in Adam's place (Lk 23:42).