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7/27/2020 6:40:52 AM

Saint Claude la Colombière (1641-1682) Jesuit Spiritual Journal


Saint Claude la Colombière (1641-1682)


Spiritual Journal

The seed of grace

The grace of God is a seed that should not be stifled but should also not be over exposed. It should be nourished in one's heart and not allowed to appear too much to human sight. There are two kinds of graces, small in appearance but from which, nevertheless, both our perfection and our salvation can depend: I. A light that discloses a truth we should carefully gather up and watch over lest it is extinguished through our own fault. We should use it as a rule in all our actions, see where it is taking us, etc. II. A movement that leads us to carry out some virtuous deed on certain occasions. We should be faithful to these movements of the soul since this fidelity is sometimes the essence of our happiness. An act of mortification God inspires in us on certain occasions, if we listen to his voice, may possibly produce very great fruits of sanctity in us; whereas the contempt we would show to this little grace could have very sad consequences, as has happened when favorites have fallen into disgrace because they have lacked a readiness to oblige in very small things.