Thought of the day
10/15/2019 6:51:05 AM

Thought Of the Day


You purify the outside but God is found on the inside

If the world that seeks my God were to know, if those learned men who seek for God in science and endless discussion were to know, if people did but know where to find God, how many wars would be prevented, what peace there would be in the world, how many souls would be saved! Unreasoning and stupid that you look for God where He is not! Listen, and be filled with awe: God is in our hearts, I know it. God lives in the human heart when this heart lives withdrawn from all that is not Him, when this heart heeds God's knock at its door (Rv 3,20) and, sweeping and cleaning all its rooms, makes itself ready to welcome him who alone truly satisfies. How sweet it is to live like this, with God in the heart. What sublime peace to find oneself filled with God!... What little trouble it is; rather it should be said, there is no trouble in doing what He wishes, since we love His will, and even pain and suffering are His peace, since we suffer for love. Only God fills the soul, and fills it wholly. Let scientists go on asking: Where is God? He is where those clever ones, arrogant in their knowledge, cannot reach.