Thought of the day
7/8/2019 6:49:15 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Your faith has saved you"

Faith is that which makes us believe from the depths of our souls... all the truths that our religion teaches us, all that the Gospel holds and all that the Church sets before us. The just man lives truly by this faith (Rom 1,17), for it replaces for him the greater part of his natural senses. It so transforms all things that the senses are of little use to the soul, which through them is only deceived whilst faith shews it realities. Where the eye sees but a poor man, faith sees Jesus (Mt 25,40). Where the ear hears curses and persecution, faith sings: “Rejoice and be glad” (cf Mt 5,12). The touch feels only blows and stonings, but faith says: “Be glad you are deemed worthy to suffer for the name of Christ” (cf. Acts 5,41)... The smell perceives only incense; faith tells us that the true incense is “the prayers of the saints” (Rv 8,4). The senses lead us astray to created beauty; faith thinks of the eternal beauty and despises all created things, for they are as nothing and as dust beside that beauty. The senses hold pain in horror; faith blesses it as a marriage crown that unites it to its Beloved, like a walk with her Bridegroom hand in divine hand. The senses rebel against injuries, but faith blesses them: “Bless those that curse you” (Lk 6,28)...; she finds them sweet, for in them she shares the lot of Jesus. The senses are full of curiosity; faith is content to know nothing: she thirsts to bury herself, and longs to pass her life motionless before the Tabernacle.