Thought of the day
5/4/2019 7:08:38 AM

It is I. Do not be afraid



Fierce are the waves, Lord, rough the seas, And dark, so dark, the night. I beg of you to grant me, please, On lonely vigil, light. Then steer your ship with steady arm, Trust me, and rest your soul. Your little boat I'll keep from harm, I'll guide it toward its goal. Be firm of purpose as you keep The compass e'er in view. Through stormy night you'll cross the deep, 'twill help you to steer true. The needle trembles faintly, then Holds steady and prevails; It points your way and guides you when I, God, direct your sails. Be therefore steadfast, calm and true, Your God is at your side. Through storm and night He'll see you through With conscience as your guide.