Thought of the day
2/5/2019 5:55:41 AM




“He took the child by the hand and said to her: 'Talitha koum', which means, 'Little girl...arise.'” “Since you have been born again, you are to be called 'little girl'. Little girl, arise for my sake: your healing does not come from you.” “And immediately the little girl arose and walked around.” May Jesus touch us, too, and at once we shall walk. We may well be paralysed, our deeds may be evil and we may be unable to walk, we may be lying on the bed of our sins... but if Jesus touches us then we shall immediately be healed. Peter's mother-in-law was suffering with fever: Jesus touched her hand and she arose and immediately served him (Mk 1:31)... “They were utterly astounded, and he gave them strict orders that no one should know this.” Do you see now why he put the people out when he was going to work a miracle? He ordered, and not just ordered but strictly ordered, that no one should know of this. He ordered the three apostles and he ordered the parents, too, that no one should know. Our Lord ordered them all, but the little girl herself, she who had stood up, could not be silent. “And he said she should be given something to eat”: so that her resurrection might not be thought to be a ghostly apparition. And he himself, after his resurrection, ate fish and a piece of honeycomb (Lk 24:42)... Lord, I beseech you, touch our hands as we, too, lie prostrate. Make us rise from our bed of sins and enable us to walk. And when we have walked, make them give us something to eat. We cannot eat when we are lying down; unless we are standing we shall not be able to receive the Body of Christ.