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1/30/2019 6:07:56 AM

What a laudable exchange


What a laudable exchange!

What a great and laudable exchange: to leave the things of time for those of eternity, to choose the things of heaven for the goods of earth, to receive the hundred-fold in place on one, and to possess a blessed and eternal life. Because of this I have resolved, as best I can, to beg your excellency and your holiness by my humble prayers in the mercy of Christ, to be strengthened in His holy service, and to progress from good to better, from virtue to virtue (Ps 83:8), so that He Whom you serve with the total desire of your soul may bestow on you the reward for which you long. I also beg you in the Lord, as much as I can, to include in your holy prayers me, your servant, though unworthy, and the other sisters with me in the monastery, who are all devoted to you so that by their help we may merit the mercy of Jesus Christ and together with you may merit to enjoy the everlasting vision.