Thought of the day
10/27/2019 7:15:18 AM

The divine Heart attracted by our humility


Sometimes when meditating she began to see her interior deformities and to be so displeased with herself that with anxiety she would wonder how she could ever be pleasing to God, who would see so many stains in her, for where she saw only one stain the penetrating eyes of the divinity would see an infinite number.


She was reassured about this by the divine reply: "Love makes pleasing." By this she understood that if on earth human love has such power that sometimes it makes the deformed pleasing, for love's sake, to those who love them, and even at times so pleasing that the lovers, through the power of love, want to resemble their loved ones, how then be distrustful of God, who is Love itself? Cannot he, through the power of love, make pleasing those whom he loves?


Another time, when she was downcast at the memory of her former sins to such an extent that she desired only to hide herself completely, the Lord deigned to incline with such gracious condescension toward her that the whole court of heaven seemed to be trying to restrain him as if in astonishment. The Lord responded thus: "Nothing can restrain me from following her when she so powerfully attracts my heart by the cords of her humility."