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8/28/2020 6:25:38 AM

Thought Of the Day


The wise and the foolish virtues

It has been well explained to us that the only thing we have to do on earth is to love God. And so that we might not be uncertain about it, in difficulty to know what to do, Jesus has told us the only way, the only recipe, the only path, which is to love one another. This charity, which is also theological because it binds us inseparably to him, is the only door, the single threshold, the sole entrance to God's own love. All the paths, which are the virtues, end at this door. Fundamentally, all of them are made solely to take us there more quickly, lightly, surely. A virtue that doesn't lead to that point is a virtue turned foolish. (…) For it may well amuse us to achieve a sensational humility, or an unbeatable poverty, or an imperturbable obedience, or an unregulated purity; yes, that may perhaps amuse us. But if that humility, poverty, purity, obedience haven't made us recognize goodness, if those of our house, road, town, are still hungry and cold, if they are still sad and depressed, if they are still as alone as before, then we may perhaps be heroes but we shall not be among those who love God. For there are virtues like those of the wise virgins who, their lamps in their hands, stay fastened to that one and only door, the door of delectation, of fraternal solicitude, the only door to open onto the wedding feast of God with his friends.