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8/7/2019 6:08:22 AM

Thought Of the Day


O Loving-kindness, bend your ear to me!

O Loving-kindness, Loving-kindness! do not desert me, an anxious woman. Do not avert your face from my sobs and cries. May your charity compel you to hear me patiently. Ah, open your bosom, here I may repose a little and pour out my spirit in your presence. I am certain that, because of your goodness and the loving-kindness that is part of your nature, you do not spurn a desolate woman or disdain an afflicted one. Oh how suitable your conduct is to those in misery. Oh how agreeable already are the scents of your perfumes to those almost fainting away. You raise the stricken; you deliver the shackled (Ps 145[146]:7). You disdain no one in tribulation; you look upon the needs of all maternally and mercifully. You counsel those in despair with loving-kindness. To everyone's indigence you bring help most clemently. Ah, now bend your ear to me, an indigent woman, that I may hold rare discourses with you for the sake of my soul and may receive dear counsel from you.