Thought of the day
7/18/2019 6:45:06 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Take my yoke upon you and you will find rest for your souls" (Mt 11:29)

Only God is good by nature, but with God's help man can become good through careful attention to his way of life. He transforms himself into what he is not when his soul, by devoting its attention to true delight, unites itself to God insofar as its faculties desire this (…) Just as a rough sea naturally subsides when oil is poured on it, so the soul readily grows calm when anointed with the grace of the Holy Spirit. For it submits joyfully to the dispassionate and ineffable grace which overshadows it, in accordance with the psalmist's words: "My soul be obedient to God" (Ps 62:5 LXX). As a result, no matter how greatly it is provoked by the demons, the soul remains free from anger and is filled with the greatest joy. No one can enter or remain in such a state unless he sweetens his soul continually with the fear of God. (…) Just as wax cannot take the imprint of a seal unless it is warmed or softened thoroughly, so no one can receive the seal of God's holiness unless tested by labors and weaknesses. That is why the Lord says to our wonderful Saint Paul: "My grace I sufficient for you, for my power comes to its fullness in your weakness"; and the apostle himself proudly declares: "Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may rest on me" (2 Cor 12:9).