Thought of the day
2/26/2019 6:12:12 AM

Last of all and the servant of all


Answer those whom the marks of the Passion in Christ's body plunge into uncertainty and who put the question: “Who is this king of glory?” (Ps 24[23]:8). Answer them that he is the Christ,“the mighty, the valiant” (ibid.) in everything he has done and continues to do...

Is he insignificant because he made himself humble for your sake? Is he to be despised because, as a Good Shepherd laying down his life for his flock, he came in search of the lost sheep and, having found it, brought it back on the shoulders that bore the cross for its sake and, when he had carried it back to the life on high, set it down amongst the faithful flock who remained in the fold? (cf. Jn 10:11; Lk 15:4). Do you despise him because he lighted a lamp, his own flesh, and swept his house in search of the lost coin, cleansing the world from sin, while losing the beauty of his royal likeness through his Passion? (Lk 15,8f.; Mk 12,16)...

Do you consider him less great because he girds himself with a linen towel to wash his disciples' feet, showing them that the certain way to be exalted is to humble oneself? (Jn 13:4f.). Do you hold a grievance against God because Christ humbles himself, turning his mind to earth so as to raise up with himself those who are bowed beneath the weight of sin? (Mt 11:28). Do you accuse him of having eaten with publicans and sinners... for their salvation? (Mt 9:10). How can you take to task a doctor who bends over the sufferings and wounds of the sick to bring them healing?