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10/12/2020 6:21:17 AM

Reasons for believing?


Saint Claude la Colombière (1641-1682)


Christian reflections

Reasons for believing?

Bad christians lack faith and do not deny it; but they claim to be excused in that they have no reasons for believing. Because of this there is nothing as common as this speech in the mouths of many people: "If I had witnessed a miracle I should be a saint"! "Evil and unfaithful generation! It seeks a sign!" (Mt 12:39). The wicked look for signs. What is even more remarkable about this is that, even though they have seen many taking place daily before their eyes, even though they are, so to speak, entirely surrounded, they never stop looking for more like the scribes and Pharisees; they would like to see them in heaven when they have seen them on earth. But neither the dead raised up during the life of the Savior, nor the eclipse of the sun at death, make them believers; their envy becomes stronger, their hatred more malicious; each goes as far as raging yet their unbelief is not healed by it. It used to be like this regarding those who, living badly, wait for miracles in order to believe: "They will not be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead" (Lk 16:31). (…) All the difficulties that halt unbelievers, all the contradictions they encounter in the dogmas of faith, everything they find apparent contradiction, everything that seems new to them, surprising, contrary to common sense, contrary to reason, inconceivable, impossible, all their arguments, all their so-called demonstrations, all of this far from shaking me, strengthens me even more, makes me immovable in my religion. (…) Every new doubt is for me new reason to believe.