Thought of the day
2/3/2019 6:29:37 AM

He passed through the midst of them and went away


A doctor came amongst us to restore us to health: our Lord Jesus Christ. He discovered blindness in our hearts and promised the light that “eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and has not entered the heart of man” (1Cor 2:9).       The humility of Jesus Christ is the cure for your pride. Don't scorn what will bring you healing; be humble, you for whom God humbled himself. Indeed, he knew that the medicine of humility would cure you, he who well understood your sickness and knew how to cure it. While you were unable to run to the doctor's house, the doctor in person came to your house... He is coming, he wants to help you; he knows what you need. God has come with humility precisely in order that man might imitate him. If he had remained above you, how would you have been able to imitate him? And, without imitating him, how could you be healed? He came with humility because he knew the nature of the remedy he had to administer: a little bitter, it is true, but healing. And do you continue to scorn him? He who holds out the cup to you and you say: “But what sort of God is this God of mine? He was born, suffered, was covered with spittle, crowned with thorns, nailed on the cross!” O miserable soul! You see the doctor's humility and not the cancer of your pride. That is why humility displeases you... It often happens that mentally ill people end up by beating their doctor. When that happens, the unfortunate doctor is not only not distressed by the one who beat him but attempts to treat him... As for our doctor, he did not fear being killed by sick people afflicted with madness: he turned his own death into their remedy. Indeed, he died and rose again.