Thought of the day
3/24/2020 6:35:32 AM

Thought Of the Day


In the baptismal pool we find healing

Go down, my brothers, and put on the Holy Spirit in the waters of baptism; be united with those spiritual beings who serve our God. Blessed be He who instituted baptism for the forgiveness of Adam’s sons! This water is the secret fire that marks his flock with a sign: with the three spiritual names that confound the Evil one (cf. Rev 3:12). (…) John bore witness concerning our Saviour: “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (Mt 3:11). Here, my brethren, in the true baptism, is that fire and that Spirit. For baptism is more powerful than Jordan, that little stream; its waves of water and oil wash away all human sin. Elisha, by initiating it seven times, purified Naaman of his leprosy (2 Kgs 5:10); whereas baptism purifies us of sins hidden in our souls. Moses baptized the people in the sea (1 Cor 10:2) yet could not cleanse their hearts from within, Stained, as they were, by sin. And now here is a priest, like Moses, who cleanses the soul from its stains and with oil he marks with a sign lambs newborn for the Kingdom. (…) With the water that flowed from the rock, the people’s thirst was quelled (Ex 17:1f.); See how, through Christ and his spring, is quenched the thirst of nations. (…) See how, from Christ’s side, there flows a life-giving stream (Jn 19:34); peoples who thirst have drunk from it and there forgot their affliction. Pour your dew on my weakness, Lord; By your blood, forgive my sins.