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12/4/2020 6:32:48 AM

Thought Of the Day


Faith, the foundation of our interior life

Faith is a foundational virtue. (…) Faith is the beginning, the foundation and the root in us of our life as child of God. (…) If faith is required to awaken supernatural life, it is still more necessary to ensure its growth and blossoming. Very truly, faith is the foundation and root of the interior life. In a building, what is the reason for the foundations? They not only permit starting the construction but, surely, it is they on which depends the stability, equilibrium, even the continuation of the structure at every moment? So it is with faith confronted with every christian existence. The firm foundation of our beliefs alone affirms hope, gives flight to charity, and permits prayer to rise up to God. In time of trial, as happens in the course of normal existence, from where does our constant support come, from where do we receive the most efficacious motives for action, if not from faith? This is why Saint Paul asked the Colossians to remain "founded on faith" (Col 1:23). (…) Such is the primordial importance of the certitudes of faith. Their influence never ceases to be at work: they ennoble existence and strengthen the soul. Thanks to them the christian, (…) under the shock of the powers of evil, never doubts the victory (cf. 1 Jn 5:4). It pleased Saint Paul to enclose within one brief formula this whole doctrine dear to him: "The just live by faith" (cf. Gal 3:2; Rm 1:17; Heb 10:38). Let us hold on to its eminently practical implications since, the more firm our faith, the more our entire life will be renewed and, by it, the bonds of our divine adoption will be tightened.