Thought of the day
2/9/2019 6:30:11 AM

His heart was moved with pity for them


If David called God right and just, his Son has revealed him to be good and gentle... Far from us be the wrongful idea that God is without sympathy... How splendid God's compassion is! How wonderful is God our Creator's grace, what power to suffice us all! And with what immeasurable goodness he clothes our sinful nature to re-create it. Who can tell his glory? He raises up one who has wronged and blasphemed against him, he renews lifeless dust..., and out of our distracted mind and wayward senses he creates a nature endowed with reason, capable of thought. Sinners are unable to comprehend the grace of his resurrection... What is hell before the grace of the resurrection, when he will raise us out of damnation and enable this perishable body to put on imperishability? (1Cor 15:53)... You who are discerning, come and admire. Who is there who, endowed with a wise and wonderful intellect, will worthily admire our Creator's grace? This grace brings retribution to sinners. For instead of what they merit in all justice, he repays them with resurrection; instead of the bodies with which they sinned against his Law, he clothes them in the glory of imperishability. This grace – the resurrection given after we had sinned – is even greater than the first one, when he created us when we did not exist. Glory to your immeasurable grace, Lord! I can do nothing but be silent before the waves of your grace. I cannot articulate the gratitude I owe you.