Thought of the day
5/30/2019 6:57:55 AM

Thought Of the Day


May love draw us after him

"And after the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and took his seat at the right hand of God" (Mk 16:19)… For he was returning to his own place, going back to a place he had never left, since when he ascended into heaven through his human nature, he bound together heaven and earth through his divine nature… But on this festive day we must particularly consider this, dearly beloved, that our decree of condemnation has been cancelled today, our sentence to corruption has been cancelled. The nature which was told: "You are dust and to dust you shall return" (Gn 3:19) today went to heaven… Dearly beloved, it is fitting that we should follow him in our hearts to where we believe he has ascended in his body. Let us flee earthly desires. Let nothing here below delight us who have a father in heaven. We must consider carefully that he who was mild at his ascent will be terrible at his return. He will demand from us with great strictness whatever he has commanded of us with gentleness. Reflect on these things, my friends, constantly turn them over in your minds. The disturbance of things may still be driving your hearts to and fro, but fix the anchor of your hope now in your eternal home. Establish your mind's attention in the true light. We have heard that the Lord has ascended into heaven. Let our belief be the subject of our meditation. If the weakness of our body still holds us here, let us follow him by the footsteps of our love. He who gave us our desire will not fail us in our hope, our Lord Jesus Christ.