Thought of the day
2/15/2019 5:54:22 AM

His speech impediment was removed, and he spoke plainly



The Lord has filled me with words of truth, that I may proclaim him. And like the flowing of waters, truth flows from my mouth, and my lips declare his fruits. And he has caused his knowledge to abound in me. For the mouth of the Lord is the true word, and the door of his light. And the Most High has given his Word to his generations, (which are) the interpreters of his beauty, and the narrators of his glory, and the confessors of his thought, and the preachers of his mind, and the teachers of his works. For the subtlety of the Word is inexpressible... for limitless is his path. He never falls but remains standing, and one cannot know his descent or his way... He is the light and dawning of thought. And by him the generations spoke to one another, and those that were silent acquired speech. And from him came love and harmony. They spoke one to another whatever was theirs. And they were stimulated by the Word, and knew him who made them, because they were in harmony, for the mouth of the Most High spoke to them... For the dwelling place of the Word is man, and his truth is love. Blessed are they who by means of him have recognizedi everything, and have known the Lord in his truth. Hallelujah!